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Here are some folks interested in ethnographic gutskin…the project is starting in the museum world and hoping to expand to other realms of expertise: Native scholars, artists and hunters; marine mammalogists, anthropologists etc.

Send a message if you’d like to be included!

Under construction February 2011

Austin-Dennehy, Michele (objects conservator)

Carrlee, Ellen (objects conservator)

Cullen-Cobb, Kim (objects conservator)

Dovgan-Nurse, Luba (objects conservator)

Horelick, Lauren (objects conservator)

Jackson, Kate (objects conservator)

Jensen, Aleria (Marine Mammal Management for NOAA)

Levinson, Judy (objects conservator)

Lin, Linda (objects conservator)

McHugh, Kelly (objects conservator)

Moini, Mehdi (research scientist  working on proteomics)

Pearlstein, Ellen (objects conservator)

Shah, Monica (objects conservator)

Smith, Landis (objects conservator)

Tjiong, Amy (objects conservator)


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  1. I’m a german student of objects conservation and would like to learn more about the fascinating gutskin

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